Kicking my ass

Apparently this is the part of the marathon training that either kills you or makes you strong enough to run 26.2 miles. After yesterday's 20 miler, my schedule demanded 3 miles from my sore tired legs and feet this morning. I've never run a longer 3 miles in my life. And there's no rest for the weary, tomorrow AM calls for 8 miles. Which means that within 48 hours I'll have run 31 miles! I hope I can survive until Wednesday, which is a rest day. Yay rest day! Right now that's seeming very far off. Right now I can't even go down the stairs unless I take them one at a time, like a child. 😦

20 miles is a very long distance

My marathon training is entering its final three weeks, and November 7th is fast approaching. I set out today for my final really long run, a 20 miler during which I covered a large portion of the Island. You can see the map of my route. I was going to keep updating this after I put the first 10 miler on, but since then I've been running all my long runs in the same general area, and the lines would have gotten all messy. But since this one was to, 'Sconset, the easternmost point in the United States, I thought I'd redo the map. It was a very long run, but I did it, and I'm getting really excited for the marathon!

Perfect photo

This is perhaps the best photo I've ever seen. Hopefully with a day off, the Red Sox can remember how to play baseball and come back tomorrow for a big win with Cornrroyo at Fenway. Otherwise, well I just can't even say. Soxaholix gets it about right, once again:

All hail the mighty John Lieber. Swing early and often at anything, fellas, that'll do it. Did I miss the memo where the Sox hitters were told to give the fuck up on patience and the importance of OBP?

The truth behind Strangelove

There's an interesting article in today's New York Times about Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove" (one of my all-time favorite movies), Truth Stranger Than 'Strangelove'

What few people knew, at the time and since, was just how accurate this film was. Its premise, plotline, some of the dialogue, even its wildest characters eerily resembled the policies, debates and military leaders of the day.

It's pretty horrifying to think that any of what happens, is supposed, and is said in this film is even slightly true. The article also notes that the Film Forum, "is screening a new 35 millimeter print for one week, starting on Friday." Sounds like a great way to see (or re-see) this classic film.

Support the Sox

If you're looking for something that shows you're a Boston fan, but you don't want a traditional MLB shirt, or something that just says "Yankees suck!" check out The Red Seat. The Red Seat makes Red Sox shirts that are different, reasonably priced, and cool. Why?

In retrospect, we think the seeds of "The Red Seat" were sown as early as Game 3 (Zimmer had it coming). Trying to convert a Yankee fan and wanting a souvenir to commemorate the great day of theater, we searched and searched, but to no avail. There was literally nothing around the park that wasn't a lame retread, obscenely priced or just plain obscene.

My favorite? God hates us. Of course, not *this* year. Oh no. This year is different. I hope.

Tuna is getting less appealing every day

I used to be a tuna fiend, eating tuna sushi several times a week, and on the days when I didn't eat it raw, I'd have a tuna sandwich. Then all the reports came out about heightened mercury levels. Then new reports about even higher levels of contaminates, and recommendations that women of childbearing age limit tuna intake to once or twice a week. And now this, from yesterday's New York Times, Tuna's Red Glare? It Could Be Carbon Monoxide

Buyers of fresh tuna, whether at the sushi bar or the supermarket, often look for cherry-red flesh to tell them that the fish is top-quality. But it has become increasingly likely that the fish is bright red because it has been sprayed with carbon monoxide…

…[F]or most consumers around the world, vendors say, lollipop-red flesh signals freshness and quality. Tuna treated with carbon monoxide is bright red when first defrosted, and fades within a couple of days to a watermelon pink. But "you could put it in the trunk of your car for a year, and it wouldn't turn brown," said one sales representative at Anova Foods, a distributor in Atlanta, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Oy. Ick. This reminds me of when I read about a lot of sushi being frozen. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

In other web related news

My former business partner and Pyra co-founder Evan Williams announced he's leaving Google as of Friday. It's hard to imagine that Blogger will soon be without any of its original team. I don't mean that in a bad way, in fact, I have absolute confidence in the team Ev's assembled at Google, but more in a sort of, "wow, we've all grown up" way. Grown up, and moved (or are moving) on to new projects, both online and off. I guess it's inevitable, but in a way it really marks the end of an era. It doesn't seem so long ago that we had those brick walls in SoMa, a team of four, and Blogger running on a desktop next to Ev's feet. My how far we've all come. Best of luck Ev on your next great adventure!

Go Sox!

One of the best parts of being back in Massachusetts is that everyone — well nearly everyone — who I hang out with is a Sox fan. Our chef even put a TV in the kitchen so we can follow the playoffs, and tomorrow we're opening early at 4 PM so people can come in and watch the game. On the menu? Hot dogs, popcorn, and Cracker Jacks, of course! Should be lots of fun. Let's hope Cornrroyo (my Anaheim friend's attempt to insult tomorrow's starting pitcher is to call Bronson Arroyo, who has cornrows, "Cornrroyo" but I think it's kind of funny so I'm using it in a positive manner) has his stuff and we can wrap this one up at home! Go Boston!

Masking tape kitchen silliness

Because I am a silly wacko, and because I know I can't possibly write everything about cooking and work all in one post, I will share this simple goofy story with you: One of the desserts we offer is plated with a squiggle of passion fruit sauce (prehaps a coulis? I am not sure. But it's on a squirt bottle and you make a zig-zag on the plate with it). The other day it ran out, and I had to refill two squirt bottles with new sauce. Since everything in the kitchen is labeled with masking tape, it was up to me as the refiller to label the new bottles. Others wrote "passion fruit" or "pas. fruit." I labeled my new bottles, "The Passion of the Fruit." It was my special kitchen homage to Mel Gibson and JC all in one.