The value of age

"As we get older, we appreciate more and more the value of age — in people, and in wine. As good people age, they develop a character, a wisdom and a depth that replace some of their power and vibrancy. They become even more special. Good wine is the same way" – Dorothy J. Gaiter & John Breecher via WSJ(subscription required)

Somedays I want it all to work perfectly

Argh, I'm starting to hate the web more and more every day. Why does everything seem to be so much more complicated than it used to be? For several years, I used Travelocity's easySABRE to check fares and flight availability online. It was command line driven, text based, and amazingly fast. Alas, today I discovered, it's been phased out. All I'd like to do is get a quote for a trip from San Francisco to Nantucket in August.

I went to Expedia. And on the front page I entered my flight info, only once I clicked "go," I had to logon. But I've forgotten my info, so I'd have to re-register just to get a fare quote. So I went to the And they wanted me to register. So I did, and it was two pages of info. OK, time consuming, but now I felt like now I'd get my quote. But then I had to select my desination city from a drop down, and guess what? Nantucket wasn't listed, so I had to select "another city". And you know what? By now I'd spent fifteen minutes trying to get a simple fare quote and I gave up. Argh argh argh! It would have been quicker to call a travel agent.

Who are these people that make these online travel planning things such a pain in the ass to use? I hate to say it, but it's almost easier to just use the phone and call a travel agent.

A soy latte exchange

I went to the Tully's on Irving Street (@9th) for my usual vanilla soy latte. The man behind the counter told me they were out of vanilla soy.

me: "That's strange, no one seems to have vanilla soy. It's like there's a Bay Area vanilla soy shortage."
lame counter person: "There is. The distributor that everyone uses doesn't have any."
me: "Why doesn't somone go across the street to the store and buy some to tide you over?"
lame counter person: "Because that would mean I have to walk a block to the store."
other lame counter person: "And he doesn't want to do that."
me: "Your boss should pay you to do that."
lame counter person: "I am the boss."
me: "Hmm, that doesn't bode well for this store."

result: I'm not buying lattes from that Tully's anymore!