Where do stories go?

Back in early 2001 we experienced a terrible energy crisis in California — rolling blackouts, outrageous electrical bills, and the bankruptcy of Pacific Gas and Electric. An excellent episode of Frontline, Blackout examined the issues and included interviews with many folks at Enron, including Ken Lay. At the time of the crisis, I recall the White House refused to provide any federal support, saying it was California's problem and responsibility (a 21st-century 'state's rights' I suppose).

Jump ahead to the present day. Enron CFO Andrew Fastow has been arrested by the FBI on variety of charges, including, "fraud, money laundering and conspiring to inflate the company's profits and enrich himself at the company's expense." Vice President Dick Cheney continues to refuse to turn over records to the General Accounting Office regarding the development of the administration's energy policy last year (whose task force met with Enron executives six times).

When the Enron news first broke, I thought for sure there'd be big discussions here in California, at least as it related to the energy debacle. But there was nothing. Then I thought, "Shrewd, they're waiting until closer to the election, when they'll pull out the big guns." But elections are little more than a month away, and I'm not hearing anything. Is there no story here? Or are we waiting until it all comes out in the Enron trials? And where's the outrage — not only did Enron employees lose their savings when their stock tanked, millions of Californians and California businesses paid exorbitant prices for electricity while energy company fat cats made millions. These fat cats also broke the law and had close (and secret) contact and influence with the highest ranking members of our executive branch. Something seems fishy to me. So where's the story? Am I missing something? Or am I looking for conspiracy where none exists?