The Whale Period

Ollie's huge whale

Minna is the one who started the whole whale thing in our household. For some reason she just loves whales, and has since at least this past summer. But now both of them have taken to drawing whales. This is Ollie’s latest creation. He drew it, colored it in, and then cut it out. It’s probably 16″ wide and it’s stuck to the pantry cabinet in our kitchen. I love it. I think it’s my favorite art he’s done yet.

Sunday morning drawing


Scene: Ollie and Minna, sitting on living room floor, drawing.

Ollie: “That’s a really nice whale Minna!”

Minna: “Thanks! Ollie, nice whale too!”

Ollie: “Thank you Minna.”

Silence and drawing.

Minna: “That’s a big whale Ollie.”

Ollie: “It’s a sperm whale. All whales are big whales Minna. Except killer whales.”