8 thoughts on “Ratatouille isn't the first movie…

  1. I did not know he was involved in that. The hubby and I are all excited to watch this culinary rodent .

  2. Oh wow! A friend of mine taught me how to make that fried egg sandwich after she’d seen it in Spanglish and started making it. I had no idea Thomas Keller invented it! I like mine with the yolk broken and not runny, made with lots of melty cheese and a few slices of turkey. The concept is the same, even though mine isn’t a BLT. The real secret is getting everything hot at the exact same time; it’s usually a two person operation.

  3. I paid to see Spanglish in the theatre. The movie was pretty bad overall, but during the scene when the sandwich is made, you could hear the entire room’s salivary glands kick in to high gear and some people even oohed and ahhed out loud. I seem to remember a shot when he cut it in half and some yolk oozed out. Definitely made me want one. Thanks for posting the official instructions.

  4. We loved Spanglish, a very funny and honest movie about love and relationships! And I loved the sandwich!

  5. might be wrong, but i thought Ruhlman wrote about Keller’s schedule in the Reach of Chef and might have mentioned this in passing. (Not sure if the name of the actual movie was mentioned but I remember reading about it and knowing the premise of the movie, and it just clicked in my head)

  6. On the Spanglish DVD, one of the bonus features is a 5 minute or so cooking lesson with TK showing how to make this sandwich – very cool. I actually liked the movie, but I agree with SP that the egg yolk shot was definitely the high point.

  7. Never heard of the movie, was intrigued about the sandwich, and sure enough the feature from the DVD is on Youtube.

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