4 thoughts on “Showcase the surprisingly versatile strawberry…

  1. i can see this. i’ve had strawberry and raspberry salsas. they really tasted like a sweet tomato salsa with a refreshing contrast of the sugar and the heat. ever since i’ve given a bit of respect to those two fruits and have been looking for new ways to explore their savory sides.

  2. I was in Milan in a restaurant, looking at the menu and thinking, “Does this mean risotto with strawberries? I can’t think how that works. I’ll get it!” I did: it was risotto with strawberries! It was wonderful and I have never forgotten that meal.

  3. There is a wonderful cookbook in Yiddish published in Vilna (now Vilnius) in 1938 by Fania Lewando that has a smashing savory recipe for rice with strawberries. Oh, it is so good. I promise to write about it soon.
    If I remember correctly Edward Espe Brown has a recipe for strawberries in some unexpected savory dish in Tassajara Recipes, but I do not have that book handy at the moment. I recall a spinach and blueberry recipe in there as well.

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