Missing links at the New York Times

It seemed like the New York Times Dining Section was really trying hard to get the web. They set up some blogs like Diner's Journal for critic Frank Bruni and The Pour for wine writer Eric Asimov. Recently they added more bloggers to Diner's Journal, increasing the number of daily posts and the breadth of coverage. Things were looking good. And then, they go ahead and run articles like today's Expanding the Options.

The article is a little summary of new joints that have opened in the West Village in Manhattan that they've already reviewed. But they don't link to the original reviews in the online version of the article! They just mention there was an article and the date it appeared, leaving readers to dig through their archives to find it. How stupid is that? Links people, links! The web is all about links!!! And a business aside to the Times: if you're worried about getting your dead-tree-printing ass kicked by the internet, your best bet would be to up your page views (and advertising revenue) by driving people to your own freakin' content. You wrote it once, help people find it again.