Reader Feedback

Yesterday's post about Starbucks inspired a bit of reader email, some of which I will answer publicly here for everyone's benefit:

1. Don't you think that a major market force like Starbucks can come up with a better excuse than "it will take a couple of years". How many people would accept WalMart saying "It'll take a couple of years to get all our employees up to 40 hours a week". Starbucks has the power to say "non-rBGH milk NOW" and make it happen. – Teena

Teena, good point. It does seems like something that could be done rather quickly in most metropolitan areas, certainly New York. Check out the next reader email. – Meg

2. Not sure if you know about the Starbucks "Hold the Hormones" campaign. You can check it out at: We know that Starbucks' stores in Northern California, New England, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska are all rBGH-free. For NYC, you'd have to ask at the stores whether or not they're rBGH-free. – Audrey

Audrey, great news. Sounds like they're making a lot of progress. With continued pressure from consumers, hopefully the process will be completed in less than a couple years.

3. Parmalat…is a brand of milk (check the intrigues involved with that Italian company), not a variety like 2%. – Joe

Yes, it is. I'm not sure I said anywhere that it wasn't.– Meg

Thanks for your thoughts folks, and keep those emails coming.