Good burgers

New York Times restaurant reviewer (and getting really good) food blogger Frank Bruni has been sampling burgers all over New York City. In his most recent, Two Burgers, One Dip and a Happy Carnivore, he visits a chain I've never heard of called Houston's. Apparently their burger is pretty good.

All the burger talk (and my frequent summer visits to the Shake Shack) makes me miss one of my favorite burgers in Manhattan. It never appears on anyone's list, but for me it's perfect. It's the "cheeseburger delux" at La Bonbonniere, a small diner in the West Village. I think what makes it so perfect is they put cheese on both side of the bun, so the juicy, flavorful meat is sandwiched between bread and cheese. I used to live nearby and went there often. Now it's not so convenient, so I don't just drop in for lunch. I really miss that burger.