What’s the deal with the new ads?

Last week I removed the Google ad from the front page of this site and replaced it with selected links to items at Amazon. Since that time I've received some emails from readers asking why I chose some of the things I did, and wondering what my opinions were regarding various items.

When I created the ads, I wavered between simply linking to products or linking to products with some commentary. Ultimately I decided I didn't want to blur the advertising/editorial line by wrapping my thoughts around each ad. I didn't want to set a precedent on this site whereby advertising gets confused/blurred with content.

So I'm not going to tell you all my thoughts about the items, but I will tell you how it will work (for the time being): as I see items at Amazon that I think are interesting, I will add them to the "advertisements" column. It may be because I own the item, or I want the item. It may simply be because I think the item is something I think you guys may like. But as with (nearly) everything on this site, I point you to things. Sometimes I give you my opinion, but ultimately you decide if you agree with/like/want it.