A bit more information on fizzy fruit

In my write-up of my meal at Moto I mentioned how much "I loved the fizzy fruit and thought this was one of Cantu's best inventions." I received an email today correcting me:

Hi Just a note to say that it was great that you liked the Fizzy Fruit, but I would like you to know that Fizzy Fruit was not invented by Cantu but by Dr Galen Kaufman who is the founder The Fizzy Fruit Company. Fizzy Fruit was developed by Galen in partnership with the Food Innovation Center of the Oregon State University. The Fizzy Fruit Company is dedicated to making fruit more fun to eat for kids and through its partnership with Sodexho starting in December 2005 is already serving Fizzy Fruit to kids in over 15 states of the US. Cantu is a big fan of the company and would readily acknowledge the true inventorship

I did not know this, and I'm glad Adam wrote to clear up my misconception. What's also funny is that I had no idea it was called "fizzy fruit," that's just the best description I could come up with. The menu called it simply "fruit salsa" (though the menu was spare on descriptions). But Fizzy Fruit is a company and they are distributing it in schools. Just what I'd hoped for. Very cool.