Apparently no one gets fat in Europe

We already know that French Women Don't Get Fat, and now look who's rubbing it in as well? Italians! I spotted this article, Why Italian Women Don't Get Fat in May's Food & Wine. It was a little promotion for a new book Mediterranean Women Stay Slim, Too. "Sure, it all sounds great," you're saying to yourself, "But I'm American! What can I do?"

No worries, as a fellow American, I'm here to help you! Buoyed by the success of these "BLAH BLAH Women Don't Get Fat" books, I'm going to launch my own. But you don't have to wait to order a book from Amazon, because I'm going to do it right now here on the blog! Presenting, "Why Megnut Doesn't Get Fat Either."

First of all, I try to eat pretty healthily, and I eat very little processed food. I eat small portions, and I try to get some greens every day and some fruits and vegetables. But some days french fries have to count as vegetables. I try to just follow an "everything in moderation" approach. For me though, the bigger secret is exercise. I go to the gym or get some kind of physical activity (like a jog, hike, bike ride) nearly every day, which leads to my "Don't get fat" secret formula: don't consume more calories than you burn.

In all seriousness, weight is not a joking matter and I know it's a big struggle for a lot of people. But these books are killing me — everyone gains weight if they consume more than they burn, even if they're French or Italian! Related, see Slate's Junk-Food Jihad: Should we regulate French fries like cigarettes? which talks about all the soda and fast food sold in public schools, among other things. While I think kids should be getting healthy foods in school, and shouldn't get soda, there's only so far I'd be willing to let health food regulations go. You can have my french fries when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers!