Counting down the best dishes

Before we speed too quickly into spring and the second quarter of 2006, I'd like to recall Opinionated About Dining's Countdown of the Top 25 U.S. Dishes of the Year. These of course, are dishes of 2005, and dishes he ate. The list is pretty heavy with New York restaurants, but mentions some of my favorites: Mas, Blue Hill, and Per Se. Everything he describes sounds good, and it makes me realize I don't pay that much attention to what I eat during the course of the year. I have my "Best Dishes Ever" list, but I don't take notes so a lot of stuff just remains in my memory as, "Wow, that was good" with "that" being whatever I vaguely recall from the meal. I wonder, is it too late to have a New Year's resolution to pay more attention to what I eat for the long term? Record it so that I can recall it in a year-end list? Or maybe just record things here more often? Hmm…we'll see. Usually I'm so happy just eating something tasty that all other thoughts abandon me and I just think, "Yum!"