How long for the popular food?

An intrepid reporter from New York magazine hits some popular food spots in Manhattan and reports back with Will Wait for Food. Is it worth it to wait 25 minutes and 3 seconds on a Saturday night for a cupcake from the Magnolia Bakery? According to author Rob Patronite, "Not if it were the last cupcake on Earth." What about 37 minutes and 8 seconds for a Shake Shack burger? "An emphatic yes." So now you know.

Tony in the Times

Nice shortish profile of Anthony Bourdain in yesterday's New York Times: Forget Star Chef; Think Professional Eater. It seems he's no longer behind the stove at his New York restaurant Les Halles and is pretty much full-time traveling the world, eating and drinking local foods and beverages, for the television program "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" on the Travel Channel. Professional eater! Now that's a job I could get into!

Fifty years of Lolita

Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita was published fifty years ago yesterday, and there's an interesting article in the New York Times, Forever Young, about its history. I hadn't realized Nabokov struggled to get it published, though of course that makes sense. Anyway, an interesting look at one of my favorite books.

A facility for language?

Something has happened to my language skills and by something I mean they've begun a precipitous decline. Occasionally I use a similar, but incorrect, word when speaking, e.g once I used "disposed" instead of "deposed" to refer to a Latin American leader, an error which, at the time, I attributed to the fact that I lived in Mexico and rarely spoke English. But now this mixing-up seems to be worsening! And fast!

Yesterday while walking with a friend and discussing some serious blisters on my baby toe, I joked that it would fall off and I'd "regurgitate" a new one. Today when I was asked for permission to use one of my photos on Flickr, I mentioned to Jason that I'd allow it, but only if I got "retribution."

Regurgitate, regenerate. Retribution, attribution. What's the difference, really? By this time tomorrow, I might not be making any sense whatsoever when I speak.

Easy tucking for fall

Katerina jean from Thirteen DenimIt's like those jackets that come with built-in shirts, only it's built-in socks for your jeans! Yes, that's right, no more bagging or cramming or scrunching your jeans into your [insert hip type of boot you wear] boots. Check out Stocking Stuffer: built-in socks for girls who tuck where Thirteen Denim's sock jean is Item of the Week.

These ingenious jeans from Thirteen Denim feature a built-in sock that eliminates baggy knees, bunched fabric, and–worst of all–broken zippers. The line comes in several fits and washes, and two different sock lengths for different boot heights. Everything you need, in other words, to keep on tuckin'.

Check out the collection online at Now what would really be cool would be to wear those jeans without knee-high boots, like say with a pair of ballet flats. Knickers meets leg warmers! Trends collide!