This week, a list

  • On Tuesday, I stubbed my toe and now there's blood bubble and I think the nail is going to fall off.
  • Later that evening, I dropped my iBook and now the lower left-hand corner of the screen has this bright spot, like all the pixels increased their display power by 500%.
  • Yesterday the 1/9 subway seemed to halt all service whenever I needed to ride it. In both commute directions I had to wait 15+ minutes for a train. Of course, many many 2/3's zipped past.
  • This morning I spilled a 12 oz. glass of orange juice all over my sofa.
  • Then just now at lunch I put down a $20 for the check. A few minutes later, the waiter chased after us, saying we hadn't left enough. The $20 was missing from the collection of bills we left! I think I was grifted!
  • And to top it all off, the key to my apartment building has ceased to work, forcing me to buzz whenever I wish to enter my home.
  • I think I'll move to Australia.