Strawberry Festival Today

Walking to work this morning I passed the setting up of NYU's Strawberry Festival (scroll down page). Promising a "Big Fun DAY!", the Festival will take place on W. 4th Street between Washington Sq. and Mercer from 11 AM – 3 PM. It's free and requires an NYU or government-issued photo ID. There will be cotton candy (yippee!) and all sorts of other street fair delights, a DJ, and they promise strawberries. What's odd is that they must be California strawberries, or some sort of import. It's too early in the year for local berries, isn't it? Regardless, it could provide a fun alternative to deli sandwich lunch if you're nearby.

Are you crazy about CSS?

OK, before I lose my mind and tear apart everything on my desk, I thought I would turn to the wonderful world wide web for some help. I'm trying to do some CSS-based tabs. I want them to work in the major browsers (read: pretty much everything but NN4). I've read a variety of articles about this, including Mark Pilgrim's Pure CSS Tabs and Mark Newhouse's CSS Design: Taming Lists, and I'm stuck. Can you help?

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If you're interested in seeing, fondling, or purchasing a new iPod in the NYC area, you'll have to wait until Friday night. The Apple store in SoHo (and I suspect the other stores as well) is having an iPod event from 6 – 10 PM with a "Live DJ, Free event poster, Limited-edition T-shirt. And more." You can also "win an awesome JBL sound system." I asked a salesman today why they didn't offer iPods at the store as soon as they were announced. He said they wanted, "to have everyone here, at once." While that may be fun (fun?) for the Apple store, it seems annoying for a curmudgeonly consumer like me. I don't want to pack into an Apple store on Friday night and hang out with a bunch of geeks and wait in a big line and be all crowded and bonked into. I just want to touch it before I buy it, and I can't do that online. Whine whine whine. I want an iPod now.

Update: Liz Phair will be at the SoHo store on Friday night. So maybe it *is* worth going! Tip from David.

Etcon 2003

Here's my presentation from the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, "From the Margin of the Writable Web" in your choice of Powerpoint [112 KB] or HTML. Enjoy! And thanks again to everyone who took the time to offer suggestions. I'll try to post all of those when I get a chance later this week.

Update: here are the collaborative notes taken during my talk by some folks in the audience using Hydra. And here are Cory Doctorow's notes from the talk.

Introducing Confab!

Ludicorp has whipped together a really cool social space called Confab for ETech.

Confab is an ad-hoc conversation space mapped to the conference facility's floorplan which allows you to discuss and debate sessions live with other attendees, make contacts, send instant messages and create conversations to plan group meetings and activities.

It will be very interesting to see how well it works and what sorts of behaviors emerge during the conference.

Better coverage elsewhere

This conference has confirmed my inability to multi-task in anyway, shape or form. I can't even manage to take notes and pay attention, never mind blog a talk, and Google it, and ask questions, and everything else that other people seem to be doing. So I'll point you to Jason's ETech coverage. Who knows how long he can keep it up, but it's great while he's doing it. I think I'll resign myself to listening for know.

California I’m coming…

I'm going to see the folks I dig, and attend the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. None of my bags are packed, I'm not ready to go. But my presentation is all set and I can't wait. Yippee! And to everyone who I owe email (many going back months) I'm going to try and answer a bunch on the plane. Honest. Really. At least, I hope. That's the plan. Thanks for your patience.

Mt. Lassen Volcanic Park

It's getting on summer time and you know what that means — time to plan some vacations! One of my favorite places in the whole wide world is Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. It's got boiling mud pits, sulfery pools, and an active volcano, all less than five hours from San Francisco! It makes a great weekend hiking getaway, and you can rent a house up there that'll sleep many (like 13!) for $300/weekend. I tell you this because I got a brochure today in the mail from the people I've rented from twice before, McGovern's Mt. Lassen Vacation Chalets. If you're looking for some good outdoor hiking fun, and an alternative to the crowds of Yosemite, Lassen's your park, and McGovern's chalets offer clean, cheap, and close access to some really spectacular sights.

The kindness of New Yorkers

Last night as I exited the subway, I stopped at the booth to have more money put on my MetroCard. As my transaction was being processed, a train pulled in. Several people began exiting through the turnstiles, while at the same time a woman came rushing into the station, mumbled about being in a hurry and missing the train, and got on line behind me. Just then, a woman exiting called out,

"Hey lady! Lady!"

We both turned.

"I just swiped my card so you could go through. Hurry! Don't miss your train!"

And with that, one woman dashed through the turnstile, calling out her thanks, and onto the uptown train. The other headed off into the evening. And I walked the whole way home with a smile, my mood brightened by what I'd witnessed.