Happy travel tales

In the span of one week, I've been to five airports (EWR, DFW, PHX, ORD, and LGA), and had to pass through security at four (all but DFW), and I'm happy to report that the security process was actually pleasant! Staff was courteous and efficient at every airport I went to. There was always a manager overseeing the operations. Directions were clear and consistent. And though the process was still onerous: laptops need to be removed from bags and x-rayed separately, shoes and belts removed (the man ahead of me at LGA looked as if he were doing a strip show, removing his jacket, belt, and shoes before being allowed through), there was a comforting consistency in the routine no matter where I was. Another plus — whether due to war or process improvements I can't say — was the lack of lines. In every airport I was through security in under ten minutes. Add to that the ease of check-in (e-ticket boarding passes printed out from airport kiosks and twice from my home printer!) and the experience was as good as you can expect these days.