Silly English Language Ideas

I've always thought there should be two versions of "so" in English, like with "to." We've got our to to indicate direction (e.g. "I'll send all my loving to you") and our too to indicate some kind of extra or excess (e.g. "Those Prada heels are too expensive.") So why not so and soo? That way something could be "soo choice" and you could be "soo sorry" while still getting a nice segue with "So, what are you doing?" And imagine the possiblities here: "I'm feeling so-so" and, when you're really feeling so-so, "I'm feeling soo-soo." Of course, we need to still pronounce the second "soo" as "so" and not "sue" or none of this makes sense. Actually, upon further consideration, there might be no way this makes sense. Except perhaps to me. You might even say it makes soo much sense to me.