Bryant Park Peeing

Not only does Bryant Park have this amazing free wireless, and tables where you can sit and enjoy it, it also has the most pleasant public bathroom I've *ever* seen anywhere. A huge bouquet of flowers sits at the entrance (huge, like the size you see in hotel lobbies!) in a wonderful raised stand. There was a smaller vase of flowers above the sink in the women's room, and an attendant was cleaning in there as I waited. It smelled nice. It was spotless. And the toilet seats have these cool rotating plastic covers (which I've only ever seen at Chicago's O'Hare airport) which give a fresh sheet to each guest, enabling one to actually sit down without concern. A five-star, two thumbs-up public bathroom experience.

My other thought: if this were San Francisco, the park might have wireless, but it would be so overrun with homeless people that it would be very unpleasant and there's no way the bathroom would be something anyone would dare to enter, unless they too were homeless, or on drugs, or both.