The Road to Perdition

I saw Road to Perdition last night and it was almost good, by which I mean in many ways it was very good compared to the usual Hollywood dreck but it misses the mark slightly. It was great to see Paul Newman in a movie and he's still as good as ever, though I wish he'd had a role where he could smile more. There's nothing like a Paul Newman smile to make me melt. Tom Hanks was good but I just have Hanks burn-out and at this point Tom Hanks "the person" seems to transcend any character he plays. Jude Law was excellent — very creepy. Law is really good at changing his looks to become the character. Who would have thought he could look so unattractive? All in all, I recommend it, but it's no Godfather. Unless of course, you're talking about Godfather III. Then it's close.