Warning: Girly Megnut Post Ahead

I'm not much of a makeup gal, but for some reason I bought this Calvin Klein Eye Color Wash in Rosewater at Sephora the other day, and I love it! It goes on a like a liquid but then quickly dries into a powdery shimmery coating over your eyelid. It's very faint and it doesn't look like bright pink eyeshadow, it just makes me appear more awake and it warms up my eyes just so. Just so = only I probably even notice I'm wearing the stuff. It comes in other neat looking colors as well. Two thumbs up from the megnut makeover dept.

I’ve been around the world and back again

Woo whee, what a whirlwind weekend of travel: New York, Paris, Venice, Monte Carlo, and more! Well, almost. A trip to Las Vegas is almost as good as visiting the originals. Almost. Paris was my favorite new casino because the attention to detail was beyond what I'd expected after having visited New York New York. Down to the trash cans and the latches on the bathroom stalls, Paris was French to the core. I loved it, in its weirdly Vegas-does-Paris way. Also good was seeing family and friends, visiting the Hoover Dam, and hiking in the Valley of Fire. Downside: not winning millions while gambling. Granted, I only gambled $3.50 total, but still, I could have won something.

Happy 60th birthday Dad!

Happy birthday Dad! Today is my father's 60th birthday so we've packed up the car and we're heading to Las Vegas to celebrate with some wonderful old family friends. I won't be updating until I return next week. Wish me luck at the tables! And the slots! And the video poker machines!

Does a cat’s memory last more than two weeks?

How long does a cat's memory last? I know it's close to two weeks because tomorrow will be two weeks since Thanksgiving. And that means two weeks since my cat Bodhi escaped out the back door in the kitchen and had some sort of life-transforming adventure down near the garbage chute. I surmise this because a) that's where I found him, downstairs next to the garbage chute alongside the garage and b) he incessantly meows by the back door and stands up on his hind legs and tries to jiggle the doorknob open.

Every day I hope that his memory will have faded, that he will content himself with sleeping on the sofa or playing with a toy. And every day he runs into the kitchen and begins his cries, long and low and mournful. What on earth is so tantalizing down alongside the garbage chute? And when oh when will he forget he ever experienced it?

There’s no excuse

There's really no excuse for the lack of posting, and for my utter failure to get my Link and Think post up on December 1, and my inability to get my Thanksgiving photos and menu online, and about a million other things. All I can say is that one thing led to another, and next thing I knew I was deep in a shame spiral, unable to face it all. But I'm back. Sort of. For a day or two. Then I'm off to Las Vegas for a long weekend for my dad's 60th birthday.

The shame is killing me.