A virtual memorial quilt

I've been thinking about a comment that was raised at our vigil in Golden Gate park on Friday night in respect to the number of the victims of Tuesday's tragedy. Someone said that the number was simply so great, there was no way to know the story of each person who'd been killed. And for some reason, that reminded me of the AIDS Quilt, which addressed a similar problem (though the victims' stories were unknown for different reasons). So what if we made an online quilt? Here's what I'm thinking:

A hosted site at some appropriate URL where people can go. Victims' families and friends can create an entry (perhaps it's a page, perhaps it's a square, using the Quilt metaphor). People can enter stories about the victim, upload pictures, people could add comments. In essence, it would be a way for people to created a hosted memorial page. It would also be searchable. And "discussable" in that people could post comments on each page. Has anybody heard any discussions about something like this? It doesn't seem like it would be very hard to build and I'd be happy to do it but I don't have a place to host it. If you've got links to similar sites or ideas about it, or you'd like to help, or if someone's already doing this, please let me know. Thanks.