Trying to get back to normal

Observation: It's hard to "get back to normal" when "normal" things are being postponed. O'Reilly's Peer-to-Peer and Web Services conference, scheduled for next week in DC, has been postponed until an as-yet unknown future date. So my trips to DC and Boston are on hold. And several other things on my calendar and to-do list have also been cancelled or postponed, leaving me with little to do except search for answers and grieve.

I have watched the Amazon donation page grow from just a few thousand dollars, to a quarter million, then half, then a million. Each time I saw it, I averaged the total amount donated by the number of donations. And each time I checked, that too grew. From an average donation of $24, to $26, then $27. Last night at nearly $1.8 million, the average donation was $30. As I write this, the total donations top $2.7 million and the average donation is now up to $33.87. Not only are people continuing to give, they are continuing to give a lot. Watching that figure grow and grow has been the only thing to put a smile on my face these past few days. If you haven't given yet, please do. Even the smallest bit will help.

And speaking of help, the Red Cross needs technical supplies and consulting services. If you have any to offer, please contact the address listed on the page.

If you or someone you know is in need of support (post traumatic stress syndrome, emergency grief counseling, disaster readiness & response, catastrophic change, bereavement care, travel risk management, overcoming fear of the workplace and fear of tall buildings), please contact the email or phone numbers below. Volunteer coaches with many years of experience are available to talk with you. Please note: email works better since the phone lines in NYC are still having trouble. or or call toll free (866)244-9441, (212)244-9441, (212)706-0092 or (917)969-5407.

And to you, my readers, I hope you're well and safe. My thoughts are with you all.