Women looking at women

Yesterday's New York Times Magazine photography issue was all about women. Entitled Women Looking at Women it features photos and stories of women (mostly written by women, all pictures taken by women). I thought the most interesting article was Great Expectations, a look at a group of lawyers entering their first year at a prestigious law firm. They were asked about whether they see themselves making partner in greater numbers that their predecessors given that, "though more and more women have joined law firms in the past couple of decades, they remain less likely to make partner than their male colleagues." I was amazed by the ones who believed they wouldn't face discrimination or prejudice in the quest to make partner. One woman said, "[t]here's no discrimination except for the kind we face within ourselves." I really hope that's true. I also hope the Times will revisit these young woman to see where they are in their careers ten years from now, that would be really interesting.