Crazy about outer space

If you're crazy about outer space like I am, you might enjoy traveling to Mars, or at least looking at photos of Mars up close. Using photos taken by Viking, the Planetary Data System's Imaging Node provides "a global point and click system for exploring Mars." If you look at the photos in black and white, it looks a lot like the moon.

Speaking of the moon, I've been re-watching HBO's From the Earth to the Moon series (it's available on DVD) and once again I'm wishing I'd never strayed from science in ninth grade. Episode 5, "Spider," tells the improbably tale of the design and construction of the "LEM," the Lunar (Excursion) Module. I think that must have been one of the neatest jobs ever: to figure out how to build a ship to land on the moon. Is it too late for me to change careers?