KnowNow site launch

KnowNow launched their new site today, which looks pretty and corporate and enterprisey, so I'm sure they're pleased with it. For an overview, watch this Flash movie on Real Time Web Applications (ignore the cheesy music and the fact that the woman works in "Collaboration City"). It does explain the architecture fairly well, though it's much more "impactful" (that's the megnut enterprise-word-of-the-day today) to see an actual application running in real-time.

Looking over the site, I feel two things: relief that I'm gone, it's just obvious that the corporate style at KnowNow is not my style; and a bit of sadness, because I loved the idea of building kick-ass real-time web applications. And KnowNow provides the tools to do it. I imagine we'll be seeing some really amazing things being built with this stuff in the next year or two.

Suprisingly, little bits of my work survived my layoff! Check out this page on the developer site for the KN Table component I wrote. That's my fake data in the little picture in the corner, "Markie Mark," "Madonna," ahhh, it's like a part of me lives on.