I have turned into my mother

Last night, I realized the transformation was complete: I have turned into my mother.

When my brother and I were little, my mom would ask us for a "sip" of whatever we were drinking. It drove me crazy, I'd always say, "Why don't you just pour yourself a glass of oj/milk/pepsi/whatever?!" She'd always respond with, "I don't want a glass, I just want a sip." And then she would proceed to gulp gulp gulp half of my beverage in her "sip."

Last night Jason poured himself a full cold glass of Gatorade as we were standing in the kitchen. I could feel the dryness at the back of my throat,

"May I have a sip?" I asked.

"Why don't you pour yourself a glass?" he replied.

"Oh, I'm not that thirsty. I just need a sip."

He passed the glass to me and I raised it to my lips. Gulp, so cool and refreshing; gulp, so sweet and good; gulp, it makes my tummy feel cold; gulp, I'm no longer thirsty.

"Ahhhh," I said as I handed the nearly-empty glass back to him, "Thanks."