Time is flying by

June 5th! June 5th! Crap, what's going on? Time is flying by and I can't keep up. Weekdays and weekends are blurred together and everything's happening at once. By which I mean, I keep forgetting to update this site.

I watched But I'm a Cheerleader! last night and it was hysterical: over-the-top campy queery goodness with wonderful plastic outfits and sexually suggestive backdrops. It reminded me of Heathers a bit with its use of stereotypical characters. It was just plain silly in parts but it worked. And I liked the soundtrack a lot (which doesn't seem to be available, at least I can't find it on Amazon. Boo!)

Speaking of Heathers, did you know there's a Heathers 2? Not much info here, but it's the same director and writer as Heathers. I wonder what the plot will be this time? Same high school? Same red scrunchie? 12 years later? Or will it be a zombie movie with all the wretched Heathers returning from the dead? I'd go see that for sure!

Speaking of movies, Out Cold's status hasn't been updated in a while so I don't know what's going on, but if this comes out, I'm going to see it opening night. It's written by a high school friend of mine, Jon Zack, who's always been damn funny. At our reunion a couple of years ago, he was telling me about some TV pilot he was working on involving a remake of the Dukes of Hazzard. What did I tell you? Funny!

Oh, and for those of you that are wondering about my mom's site, I'm working on it. It moved boxes and is in the process of getting set up again. Give me a few more days and it should be back online. Sorry for the delay.