KnowNow site launch

KnowNow launched their new site today, which looks pretty and corporate and enterprisey, so I'm sure they're pleased with it. For an overview, watch this Flash movie on Real Time Web Applications (ignore the cheesy music and the fact that the woman works in "Collaboration City"). It does explain the architecture fairly well, though it's much more "impactful" (that's the megnut enterprise-word-of-the-day today) to see an actual application running in real-time.

Looking over the site, I feel two things: relief that I'm gone, it's just obvious that the corporate style at KnowNow is not my style; and a bit of sadness, because I loved the idea of building kick-ass real-time web applications. And KnowNow provides the tools to do it. I imagine we'll be seeing some really amazing things being built with this stuff in the next year or two.

Suprisingly, little bits of my work survived my layoff! Check out this page on the developer site for the KN Table component I wrote. That's my fake data in the little picture in the corner, "Markie Mark," "Madonna," ahhh, it's like a part of me lives on.

Re-watching old movies

Re-watched two movies this weekend: Office Space and Traffic. Office Space continues to delight me after numerous viewings and ranks as one of my all-time favorites. There is simply no more appropriate insult for so many people than "no talent ass-clown." Traffic also held up in its second viewing, especially since this time I wasn't in the second row of the theatre with several children under the age of six two seats over. The final scene brought tears to my eyes again, definitely my favorite film of 2000.

A review of Terra Firma Farm

Rebecca's got a great review of Terra Firma Farm, a community-supported agriculture program we're both participating in. I recommend it if you like to eat organic and want to support local farms. My only complaint is that I end up with things I wouldn't have bought for myself normally. While in some cases (bing cherries), this was great. In others (three weeks and counting of many pounds of apricots), it's not. I have to say though, the bunches of basil I've gotten the last two weeks have been fabulous. And the cherry tomatoes are delicious!

A new episoe of 0sil8

New episode of 0sil8's up: Pocket. Little text messages sent to your mobile device (Palm, cell phone, etc.) I've been subscribed for a few weeks now (beta, you know…) and it's been great, except for the time my phone rang at the dentist in the midst of my teeth cleaning. But I think that's my fault, I should change my phone to use a different ring when it's a text message rather than a phone call. Join the fun and sign up today!

A long wonderful hike

the starting out pointYesterday was fine hiking weather, indeed it was. Starting out from Muir Woods parking lot, Matt and Kay and I struck out on the Hillside trail where the shade of the redwoods offered a respite from the bright mid-day sun. We turned onto Ben Johnson and began our step ascent out of the valley of redwoods, passing over creeks, in and out of the light and shade, inhaling scents of pine and forest. A turn onto Stapelveldt and soon we found ourselves in the shade of the Pantoll parking lot for a snack break of nuts and granola bars.

snack break After some water and rest, it was on to the Matt Davis trail hugging the west side of Mt. Tam, weaving in and out of shady groves of laurel and fir. The Pacific shimmered off to our left with a cooling breeze which kept us from overheating, and we turned onto the Coastal Trail as Matt Davis continued west towards Stinson Beach. We passed the rusted out remains of a car that long ago drove off the road above us (East Ridgecrest Blvd.) and crashed down the hillside. It didn't look like the driver could have survived. A cool shady spot soon after yielded the sap-covered rocks upon which we sat to enjoy our lunch and rest our wearying feet. But not for long…

heading home, finallyContinuing along the narrow dusty trail lined with shimmering golden grasses, we intersected the Willow Camp fire road and turned east, beginning the trip back towards home. Climbing the hill, we passed the shedded skin of a rattlesnake baking in the sun. Up over and then down the other side onto the Cataract Trail, again weaving in and out of oak and laurel and crossing over creeks, until we arrived at the Mountain Home theatre. We crossed over to Bootjack and made our final push towards home. Down down down, across streams and brooks, back into the shady comfort of Redwoods, down the stairs of Bootjack, we ambled. Legs aching, toes blistering, vision focusing on the end of the long loop, we followed Bootjack back into Muir Woods and out to the parking lot. 10+ miles of pure California hiking splendor. [pop-up map of the whole long route]

I have turned into my mother

Last night, I realized the transformation was complete: I have turned into my mother.

When my brother and I were little, my mom would ask us for a "sip" of whatever we were drinking. It drove me crazy, I'd always say, "Why don't you just pour yourself a glass of oj/milk/pepsi/whatever?!" She'd always respond with, "I don't want a glass, I just want a sip." And then she would proceed to gulp gulp gulp half of my beverage in her "sip."

Last night Jason poured himself a full cold glass of Gatorade as we were standing in the kitchen. I could feel the dryness at the back of my throat,

"May I have a sip?" I asked.

"Why don't you pour yourself a glass?" he replied.

"Oh, I'm not that thirsty. I just need a sip."

He passed the glass to me and I raised it to my lips. Gulp, so cool and refreshing; gulp, so sweet and good; gulp, it makes my tummy feel cold; gulp, I'm no longer thirsty.

"Ahhhh," I said as I handed the nearly-empty glass back to him, "Thanks."


I hadn't been to see a Disney film in quite some time (I think the Lion King was the last one I saw, or Alladin,) and they seem to have changed quite a bit. Atlantis was nothing like I expected. No singing, no crazy characters that weren't human, and quite a bit of selfish evil violence general badness occurred. And it was, for no apparent reason, set in 1914 and then filled with anachronisms. I hate anachronisms. The animation was pretty cool though, and it was loud. But I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone. Now this is Atlantis!