A quck favor

Want to do me a favor? And quick? It's 10:07 am right now in San Francisco and (for something I'm doing this afternoon at 12:45) I need some "favorite" megnut posts. The problem is: I don't think I'm a good judge of the content here. And what's favorite to me might suck to everyone else. So if you recall a post or two that really stuck in your memory, could you send me the permalink? And if it's past 12:45 pm PDT, it's too late. (Sorry, I should have done this yesterday. D'oh!) Thanks so much.

Looking through my archives for the above "favorite" posts, I stumbled across this old page that's still up. It's funny to see the list of blogs, I remember when those were all the Blogger-powered blogs in existence. We've come a long way, baby!