Does weblog content hold up over time?

I've been going back and reading old stuff on some of my favorite sites lately, and it's gotten me wondering about time and how things hold up. Most writing on personal sites/blogs/weblogs/diaries is very in-the-moment/now/daily writing. The intended audience returns regularly, and most pieces simply add to what's been writ before. I know that most of what I write on megnut I expect to be immediately consumed. So I wonder, does much writing "work" when read later? Are blogs any good at all when the posts are old?

I leave you with this question to ponder as I depart for vacation. I'll be back May 14th. In the meantime, there's two years of megnut content to your right. Feel free to read it, and by all means, read old content on other sites as well. Then let me know: does it stand the test of time? Or are these short fleeting updates really only good in the moment, like a cookie fresh out of the oven?