Go Sixers

I don't know who I love more today Allen or Eric. I do know that I can't wait until Game Six tomorrow night. I haven't cared so much about the outcome of a basketball game since the Celtics were good, back in the 80's. What's brought this on? Well, Jason "makes" me watch basketball, but it's Iverson who's won me over, Iverson and Snow and McKie and Mutombo and Hill and and and…well, you know what I mean. Go Sizers. I mean, Go Sixers!

My to-do list

I've got a big day ahead of me. Now that I'm unemployed, I've got lots of things on my "to-do" list, as you can well imagine. First order of business: Money. I need some. And what better way to earn it than by being a contestant on The Weakest Link? I watched it for the first time last night and realized this could be my new calling. I'm filling out the application right now!

Thanks to everyone who's mailed about my cat, I appreciate it. He's all better now, and sleeping contendly on the sofa.

Jason has begun posting pictures from our vacation a few weeks ago. Since he took nearly all the pictures, I'm leaving it to him to post them all and write everything up. I'll just point you in the right direction.

An unemployed megnut is a lazy megnut.

Pearl Harbor, the movie, stinks

I saw Pearl Harbor yesterday, even though I knew it would be pretty bad. But I couldn't resist, there was something about it that drew me in. I think it was the scene in the preview where the woman is outside her home, hanging out her laundry, and the Japanese Zeros shoot past. It just chilled me when I saw it and made me wonder what I'd do and how I'd feel at that moment. Unfortunately, there was no other moments in the film where I experienced that sensation. But it was entertaining and there were some incredible special effects and some funny moments. I'd sum it up as: Explosive Hollywood blockbuster with historical innaccuracies that's about 50 minutes too long. Get it? Explosive? Har har.

Now if you want to see a good movie about WWII in the South Pacific involving nurses and love, you should check out So Proudly We Hail!. You can see how Hollywood glamorized war back in 1943. (Hint: less than now.) It stars Claudette Colbert and Veronica Lake and tells the story of army nurses in Bataan and Corregidor. If you like old movies, I definitely recommend it.

In threes…

In case you were wondering what happened to megnut, the Internet connection to the Pyra office (where the box that hosts megnut lives) was severed on Tuesday, bringing down many sites, including this one. If you sent me any email on Tuesday or Wednesday, I didn't get it, since my mail was also hosted there. Things are fixed for now, mail is relocated in one place, server in another. Bad luck example #1.

On Wednesday afternoon, "because of unfavorable market conditions and the Company's need to reallocate expenses" my position at work was eliminated "due to a reduction in force." I think the letter could have been written a little more truthfully, something along the lines of: "Because of ineffective management conditions and the Company's unwillingness to reallocate resources…." but that's just my opinion. Bad luck example #2.

On Wednesday evening I returned home to find my cat was ill. Very ill. And I'm still not sure why. We took him to the all night animal hospital, where they kept him for observation and did bloodwork and took X-rays which didn't turn up much of anything. He seems OK now, but I'm still concerned. As such, we've cancelled our plans to go camping with friends up north so we can spend the weekend at home. Bad luck example #3.

But you know what? I'm fine with it all. I'll go hiking another time. My kitty is here with me now. And heck, I didn't like my job. Not one bit. It wasn't interesting. It wasn't challenging. And culturally it was a terrible fit, and I mean terrible! I'll miss working with some of the nice folks there, and I'll miss the paychecks, but that's it. That clueless train can head on down the tracks without me and Matt on board.

Lies and more lies

You know how for a while now I've been saying, "I'm going to redesign. I've got lots of ideas. Soon." Well it's simply a lie. It's time to face the facts: I'm not going to redesign this site in the near future. I'm not going to get my other content up (stories and about pages and links to webcam pictures, etc.), and I'm fooling you and myself if I say I am.

Ah. I feel so much better now that I'm not longer living a lie. Don't you?

Speaking of living a lie…the most excitement the blog community has ever seen is afoot over at Metafilter (links to follow, the site isn't loading right now due to the load). Did I fall for it? Yup. I thought Kaycee was real, and I read her blog on and off. And I'll admit it: this hoax stuff had me hooked all weekend, ctrl + R, ctrl + R. I simply could not stop.

Is anyone really what they seem online? Maybe I'm not even real.

That’ll be some party

On the belt ahead of me at the market today: 1 bottle vodka, 3 packets Jello, 2 bags ice, 1 French rolling pin, and 1 packet Extra-Strength Tylenol Sinus. It was hard to avoid laughing out loud.

Some thougths on Bobos in Paradise

While on vacation, I finished reading Bobos in Paradise by David Brooks, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very funny in parts, laugh-out-loud funny even, and his observations were keen. I found many of his thoughts echoed similar ones of my own, particularly concerning the search for community and connection that seems so prevalant these days. The one disappointment I found, overall, was a lack of stance. Brooks acknowledges at the beginning that he considers himself a Bobo, and while there was some finger-pointing, it was mostly self-directed and too kind. What I'd hoped for, at least by the end, was a global statement along the lines of, "Eek! What's happening to our culture isn't very good. Here's some stuff we can do to address it." But there wasn't, and the end felt flat because of it. I do recommend it though, if only because it gives one some interesting nuggets to chew on while sipping one's latte.

That was more of a book report than I intended.

Photos from our European vacation

Jason's been posting some nice pictures of our vacation. If you haven't seen them, you should check out these ones of the Tour Eiffel. We were lucky to see it all sparkly and glittery one night after dinner. Ah Paris…

Also while I was gone, Bryan launched Monolot, a site dedicated to reviewing all that's nice and good in food, lodging, and design. Or something along those lines. If I'm lucky enough to have my reviews accepted (the editorial policy over there is strict strict strict!), you may soon see some notes about delightful spots I visited in Paris and Antwerp.