Making changes for ourselves

I can't tell you how many people emailed me last week, as I observed "No TV Week" to let me know that "next week is tv turnoff week." I appreciate the sentiment, I do, and I appreciate people taking the time to write me, but you know what? We can all turn-off our TVs whenever we want. And we don't need a magazine or a website to tell us when to do things. We can quit smoking on any day of the year, or vow to shed 10 extra lbs., not just January 1st. We can make decisions to improve the quality of our lives each and every day.

Let's not wait for our birthdays to start eating healthier food. And please let's not wait until we hear about someone's heart attack or another person's accident to make changes in our lives. And let's not for a website or a magazine or a friend or a lover, to tell us to change. It can be as simple as saying, Today I'm going to start eating more vegetables, without waiting for Vegetable Awareness Week.

We don't need New Year's resolutions, we need "New You" resolutions.