Weblogging pirates

So last week, after seeing Dave Eggers, I wrote about being inspired to write more—to dive back into the creative stuff that was the staple of my writing diet for many years. Discussing my next project (a novel), my friend Matt Revis struck upon a page-turner the likes of which the NYTimes Best Seller list has never seen! Ready?

Pirates. Weblogging pirates. Setting: the stormy seas of the new millennium. These pirates are tech-savvy but adhere to traditional pirate disciplines: they wear stripes, they drink grog and rum, they keep parrots as pets. And they use their weblogs, updated from sea, to alert each other of potential targets. "They tip each other off to shipments and stuff," says Matt.

"A vast ye scurvy dogs! Update your weblog or I'll cut ye throat!"

Mr. Pulitzer, is that you calling my name?