Writers and writing

Disregard the following if you've already been to Kottke.org today:

Last night Jason and I went to hear Dave Eggers read at the All Saints Church on Waller Street. It was, not surprisingly, packed, and we almost didn't get in. But then some extra space was found on the floor and we slipped through the crowd into the steamy room, and claimed our little piece of listening space. And then I proceeded to laugh like hell for the next two hours.

I'd forgotten how wonderful it is to hear an author read. In college I spent a lot of time listening to authors read their works, both in my writing classes and when professors and guests would read their writings. Hearing the voice behind the voice raises the passage to another place.

Hearing authors read also jump-starts my internal monologue, "why aren't you writing more? You should write more stories, you really should. You used to write lots of stories, and you really enjoyed it. Don't you remember when you were a writer? You should be one again." Etc. etc. etc.

Someday, internal monologue, someday soon.