P2P isn’t the greatest thing ever

Peter wondered aloud about P2P yesterday, and concludes it's just the next step, not the Greatest Thing Ever™. And I must concur. The media hype every advancement, every logical iteration, until the buzz about the thing grows beyond what the thing will ever be. And then when the thing (push, B2C, B2B, and now P2P) fails in three or four months to satisfy the voracious media, on they move to the next Great Thing. And kick the last great thing, now known as No Big Deal, to the gutter.

P2P is cool. I'm happy to be working at a company doing neat and interesting stuff in the P2P space. But it's just the next step, and it's not the only answer. Not everything should be P2P, in my opinion. Lots of folks have asked for a P2P Blogger, especially when the servers were straining under the load. And while I think some kind of P2P Blogger would be interesting, it would only be interesting in addition to hosted Blogger.

I still love web applications. And we haven't seen what they can do yet. There's something that's shared when everyone goes to the same place, to use the same thing. There is a tremendous Blogger community, enhanced, perhaps only made possible, by the fact that everyone shares the same virtual space. The Blogger directory lists the residents, and the recently updated list tells you who's just popped in for a visit.