A small wish: I use

A small wish: I use Moviefone approximately five or six times a month to order movie tickets. And everytime, I have to enter my credit card data and expiration date and billing zip. My small wish? That they store that information for me, that they allow me to create an account. My larger wish would be to see something Amazonian on the site: one-click for movie tickets. And, "Hi Meg, you've seen Hannibal, Crouching Tiger, etc. in the past two months. You may enjoy X, Y, or Z" or, "Hi Meg, you saw X movie, did you know that Y movie, by the same director, will be released next Friday? Would you like to pre-order tickets?"

On second-thought, I think I'd like to see Amazon get into the movie ticket business instead. That would be easier than having Moviefone build all that logic into their site, which I doubt they'd do anyway. The site doesn't appear to have changed since I first bought tickets on it back October, 1999.