The webcam is going to

The webcam is going to be off for awhile, at least in the mornings. I'm really enjoying lazing around in my bathrobe, and you don't want to see that. Well, I don't want you to see that. On a less lazy note, I'm feeling uninspired by the web these days, I think it's some sort of backlash thing. Anyway, I was contemplating taking this site down, but that seemed rash, and I realized that in a week or two, I'd probably be ready to come back to things. So what that means is: I may not be writing much (huh, I bet you didn't see that coming, didya?)

So what am I doing with my days, you ask? Um, not much. I seem to think a lot, a whole lot. Most everything's turned into a question for me. Every story, from movies to tv sitcoms, has become a parable or allegory. I find messages in almost everything. I may need some existentialist amigos to pal around with these days, that's sort of the place I'm in. I wonder, would Kierkegaard be available to meet for coffee? Is Kafka available for beers? Is pb free for some wine drinking?

This happened most recently while viewing Ma Vie en Rose. Questions in my brain: What's so scary about being different? Why does society shun any deviation from the norm? Lesson learned: Love your child unconditionally. Recommendation: Rent it if you like fantastical French films set in strangely American-looking suburbs.

Meanwhile, did I mention how clean our apartment is? I've been doing a lot of "wash the dishes to wash the dishes" type stuff around the house. And listening to my ever-growing Beatles collection. And that's that.