Monday? Monday already? But I

Monday? Monday already? But I don't feel like I had a vacation yet! I'm tired still, and I want more days off to do nothing but watch TV and read. All that Thanksgiving prep wore me out, and then the cleaning up afterwards, oy. But things went smoothly, and I have to say, the turkey looked beautiful. Wish I'd thought to take pictures of it. The gravy on the otherhand, well, that wasn't so good. See we got a free-range turkey, and I think it got to much ranging because after all that roasting, there weren't many drippings. And that caused gravy problems. Maybe next year I'll have better luck with the gravy.

Best parts of vacation? Going to hear Dvorak's New World Symphony (which gave me goosebumps at parts, I love that symphony), sleeping until 11 am, and eating some of the tastiest hamachi kama I've ever had. Also good parts of vacation: not using my computer for several days, watching Rope, and reading reading reading. Worst part of vacation? Realizing it was over last night, and waking up too early to come to work this morning.