Bush and Gore, Together for

Bush and Gore, Together for Four!
So I saw that Gadhafi is advising the US to split the presidency between the two candidates, and I have to say, I kind of like this idea. I mean, these guys are putting us through hell, wouldn't it be funny to put them through hell by forcing them to work together for the next four years? Even better, I think after two years, they should switch roles.

I'm ready to start a protest for this, with the catchy chant, "Bush and Gore, together for four!" (See a protest isn't really a protest without a good chant…but that's a theory for another time.) Anyway, I was thinking about how we need some better stuff to protest, especially after I heard about the protests downtown on Friday over Buy Nothing Day. My first reaction was, "People are taking to the street to stop others from shopping at Banana Republic? Don't we have a better cause?" We're in the midst of a near-Constitutional crisis over the election, the violence in the Middle East is continuing, the streets of San Francisco are overrun with homeless, and protestors are worried about other people spending their own money at the Gap? I'm not a fan of excessive consumerism, but I am a fan of individual rights, and people should be free to buy whatever they like, even if that means an ill-fitting pair of purple leather pants.

So I propose a better cause to those of you searching for something against which to rebel: Bush and Gore should share the presidency. Everybody wins, and almost everyone has the candidate they voted for. America, lets end the strife and start the healing.