There’s a crazy new episode

There's a crazy new episode of 0sil8 up, called "Press Nothing to Continue" (I'm a happy contributor), and I highly recommend you check it out. It's all wackiness involving Blogger, voice XML, TellMe, and some fun and games. Check it out at 0sil8 or follow these simple instructions below:

1. Dial 1-800-555-TELL
2. At the menu prompt, speak "extensions"
3. When prompted, dial or speak 05118.

One hint: once you're listening to stuff, try to be as quiet as possible. The voice-recognition at TellMe is ultra-sensitive, so if you speak to someone or make a sound while you're listening, it will think you're trying to navigate and you'll get ejected from the episode.

I think this may be the future of Blogging!

Bush and Gore, Together for

Bush and Gore, Together for Four!
So I saw that Gadhafi is advising the US to split the presidency between the two candidates, and I have to say, I kind of like this idea. I mean, these guys are putting us through hell, wouldn't it be funny to put them through hell by forcing them to work together for the next four years? Even better, I think after two years, they should switch roles.

I'm ready to start a protest for this, with the catchy chant, "Bush and Gore, together for four!" (See a protest isn't really a protest without a good chant…but that's a theory for another time.) Anyway, I was thinking about how we need some better stuff to protest, especially after I heard about the protests downtown on Friday over Buy Nothing Day. My first reaction was, "People are taking to the street to stop others from shopping at Banana Republic? Don't we have a better cause?" We're in the midst of a near-Constitutional crisis over the election, the violence in the Middle East is continuing, the streets of San Francisco are overrun with homeless, and protestors are worried about other people spending their own money at the Gap? I'm not a fan of excessive consumerism, but I am a fan of individual rights, and people should be free to buy whatever they like, even if that means an ill-fitting pair of purple leather pants.

So I propose a better cause to those of you searching for something against which to rebel: Bush and Gore should share the presidency. Everybody wins, and almost everyone has the candidate they voted for. America, lets end the strife and start the healing.

Monday? Monday already? But I

Monday? Monday already? But I don't feel like I had a vacation yet! I'm tired still, and I want more days off to do nothing but watch TV and read. All that Thanksgiving prep wore me out, and then the cleaning up afterwards, oy. But things went smoothly, and I have to say, the turkey looked beautiful. Wish I'd thought to take pictures of it. The gravy on the otherhand, well, that wasn't so good. See we got a free-range turkey, and I think it got to much ranging because after all that roasting, there weren't many drippings. And that caused gravy problems. Maybe next year I'll have better luck with the gravy.

Best parts of vacation? Going to hear Dvorak's New World Symphony (which gave me goosebumps at parts, I love that symphony), sleeping until 11 am, and eating some of the tastiest hamachi kama I've ever had. Also good parts of vacation: not using my computer for several days, watching Rope, and reading reading reading. Worst part of vacation? Realizing it was over last night, and waking up too early to come to work this morning.

Moments after I wrote yesterday

Moments after I wrote yesterday about my missing turkeys, I heard gobbles in the atrium outside my office. Rising from our desks, jack and I went outside to have a look. Lo and behold, my turkey toothpickholders had safely landed and were contentedly gobbling their arrival greetings. Ok, ok, so they didn't fly here, the mailman brought them. And they look more like pelicans with plumed tails then turkeys, owing to the strange misplacement of the wattle. But I'm not complaining, oh no, I'm happy as can be. "Gobble gobble," say the turkeys. "Gobble gobble," says megnut.

Turkey Toothpickholder Trauma A week-and-a-half

gobble gobble (image from Toothpickholder Trauma
A week-and-a-half ago, being a planning-in-advance kind of girl, I place an order with Martha for a pair of turkey toothpickholders (which I intended to use as mini-vases for tiny flowers, or something). Every night as I lay in bed, I'd think, "Maybe the turkeys will arrive tomorrow!" Alas, the days have passed, the mail has come and gone, and no turkeys. Today's delivery again failed to deliver my turkeys, and now only one day remains. I've called customer support, they claim to have shipped them on the 14th, but no turkeys. But I don't need the turkeys after Thanksgiving, I explained to the man on the phone. But his hands are tied. And the pièce de résistance of my Thanksgiving tablesetting n'est pas ici. Why oh why did you fly away dear turkey toothpickholders? We weren't even planning on eating you.

It’s going to be OK.

It's going to be OK. Even though it's raining, even though I'm tired, even though there are a million errors in Blogger right now and everyone's freaking out about them, it will all be OK. Things will get fixed. Email will get answered. Posts will publish. People will survive. Contrary to popular belief (read: bloggers' belief), there are more important things in the world than Blogger. (This is mostly a note to myself.)

Creaking to the post office
on my rusty bike
I saw one purple iris
wild in the wet green
of the rice field.
I wanted to send it to you.
I can only tell you
it was there.

Maura O'Halloran

The 2000 Beaujolais Nouveau is

The 2000 Beaujolais Nouveau is good, really good, damn good. It's yummy and making me feel silly right now. And that's what wine's all about, isn't it? Oh, and I'm super-excited for Thanksgiving, because first of all, it's my favorite holiday, bar none. I love all the yummy root vegetables and the cold air and the extra long weekend, and the memories of going up to Orange to my grandmother's house, walking in the woods, baking pies and chatting with her. Cooking with grandmothers is a really good way to learn stuff, and especially to hear the funny stories (like something about hiding in a closet to skip church and going to the movies instead).

This year is my first year doing Thanksgiving myself. For the first time, I'm on the spot, and can't rely on Grandma or Mom or someone else to make sure everything goes well. I've ordered a turkey, I've got a turkey platter and a gravy boat, and the family recipes. We will be eight total, my brother and six friends. It will be a cozy fit around the table, a warm, wonderful, cozy fit.

My Uncle Jay’s gourmet pizzas

My Uncle Jay's gourmet pizzas are profiled in a Vermont magazine! As my mom writes, "Our family is just so 'in the news' these days." What's interesting about it is in reading this article, I learned more about my Uncle Jay than I ever knew before (he's my uncle by marriage, my mom's sister's husband). And I bet if he and my aunt Marcia read the article in the New Yorker, they learned a lot more about me than they knew before.

Seems odd that one would have to learn the details of one's family members from the media, but I guess that's what happens when you live across the country from each other. Those pizzas sounds delicious though, they've got my stomach rumbling right now. If only we didn't live across the country from each other, I'd head on over for one right now! Does he do ones with soy cheese I wonder?