Some days I’m amazed that

Some days I'm amazed that anything gets accomplished in this world at all. I went to the Department of Parking and Transportation this morning to get a residential parking permit. Since I have a garage, I hadn't bothered to get one until now. Luck was on my side this morning though, I found a parking space nearly out front, I walked in and there was no line, and I presented my credentials. I live in area J. For some reason the parking permits in different neighborhoods expire on different dates. So you could live in area M and your permit would expire next February. But in area J, the permit expires on November 1. (Why not the calendar year for everyone? one might ask.) Which means, it being October 25th and all, that I had two options. Come back in November for a permit that would be valid for one year (and cost $27), or pay $13.50 for a permit good through the end of November (at first I feared it would expire in five days, luckily they're not *that* stupid).

"Can't you just sell me the November one now?" I pleaded.
"No, I can't." said the woman, whose response time can only be compared with that of a three-toed sloth.

In the end, I settled for paying the $13.50 and getting the short-term permit. The reason? I can at least renew by mail, and avoid ever visiting the DPT office again. My hope? I won't have a car by the end of November anyway, and this whole experience will fade from memory quickly, never to be revived again.