I swear to God I

I swear to God I wrote about mylackey.com awhile back in here, but searching through Blogger, I can't seem to locate the post. Am I just imagining past posts? Am I losing my mind? Probably. Anyway, in this fictitious post (to which I would simply link if it existed), I wrote how I couldn't wait for this service to arrive in San Francisco. And now it seems it never will. Goodbye mylackey, RIP.

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without a little megnut speculation: maybe the term "lackey" lead to their downfall. Lackey doesn't sound very high-brow, and I hear they were charging rather high prices for their services. Maybe they needed something more upper-crust in their name? "MyMan.com" would have been good. You know in those old movies, people always had a "man." "I'll have my man bring the car around." (Of course, on second thought, this could be confused with some sort of web-based boyfriend delivery service, "Bring me my man!" or "A man to your door, in less than an hour!") "MyJeeves.com"? Hmmm….kind of taken, though if you ask me, I'd want to Ask Jeeves for more than just answers, I want action, results, "Jeeves, bring me my dry-cleaning!", etc.

What about "MyButler.com"? That could work. I think Americans secretly crave all the trappings of the upper class English manor lifestyle, what else explains the preponderance of Jane Austen film adaptations? If only MyLackey had been names MyButler…MyButler'd be getting my car's parking permit and picking up my laundry at this very moment.