On the Eminenya MP3:

On the Eminenya MP3:
Back in May I wrote a little something about combining Eminem and Enya's music. A dear reader made it happen. It's been written up all over the place, it's been receiving air play all over the place. It's funny and that's all there is to it.

On this site:
If you're visiting this site today because you saw the link in Access Magazine, Welcome! megnut is personal website. Please read the About page for more information.

On the women's gymnastics finals last night:
Matt talked about the incessant fault-finding by the commentators in gymnastics last month during the Olympic trials in Boston, and last night it reached absurd levels. The Russians lost the gold by .205 and as the camara zoomed in on the face of a dejected Svetlana Khorkina, one announcer said, "She lost it for Russia when she fell off the bars." While that may be true, it is unfair to place the blame on one woman.

The women's *team* final gold is awarded to the *team* with the highest score, based on the contributions of all the women. While it's true that Khorkina's fall from the bars was costly, so too were two other Russians' falls from the beam. Also costly were all the deductions for less-than-perfect body position and hops on landings. Each one of those women "lost it for Russia," or if you'd rather be nice about it, "won a silver medal for Russia." This continued obsession with being number one is disgusting. There are six Russian women who can look back on yesterday for the rest of their lives, and hopefully they will do so with pride rather than regret. Being an Olmpic medalist, having the honor to represent one's country, and being recognized as one of the best gymnasts in the world, if only for a sliver of time, is something to be treasured. Not callously demeaned by statements such as, "the Russians want gold or nothing at all."

On Chavo's Mexican Restaurant (4th and Bryant):
I don't want to go there anymore. Every time I go, I get rude treatment for ordering vegetarian tacos. First of all, if they offered their Tofu Ranchero every day, I'd get that, happily, and I wouldn't have these altercations with the mean man behind the counter. But they don't. I'm not crazy about flour tortillas. I *am* crazy about corn tortillas. So instead of ordering a vegetarian burrito (which Matt and jack order without any trouble what-so-ever), I order vegetarian tacos. This is not on their menu, though they do offer tacos a la carte, under which label I presume my vegetarian tacos fall. The mean man (MM) always feigns confusion when I order this. "What?" "Huh?" "Just beans and rice?" YES! I want to scream, YES! How can this be confusing? It's the same as a veggie burrito, but don't wrap it up, just place it on a corn tortilla!

Yesterday was the final straw. After I ordered, the woman with whom I spoke confirmed a vegetarian taco with the MM (in Spanish, but I understood, since I speak Spanish) and he turned to me and said, "Oh, that's a Made in the USA taco," as if to accuse me of making up Mexican food or something. Hello?! Since when did his restaurant turn into any sort of authentic Mexican eatery? I don't see mole poblano on the menu, or menudo, or huachinango a la veracruzana, or ceviche, or any of the traditional Mexican foods I enjoyed when I lived there. And what happened to the customer is always right? I guess Chavo's operates under some sort of "The customer is always right unless she wants something that's not on the menu and isn't considered authentic Mexican food by us." And from what I recall of Mexican culinary history, it was the Aztecs who were pummeling maize into round patties *before* the Spaniards arrived with flour to make those other tortillas anyway.

On TiVo:
Some people are so funny they win TiVo's. Some people are so lucky the winner gives them the TiVo! Woo hoo!