Though I’ll rue this statement

Though I'll rue this statement shortly, I'll make it nonetheless: I've been taking the MUNI to work this week and I've been enjoying it. Being a conscientious citizen, I'm participating in Spare the Air this week and I'm leaving my car at home. (No, this doesn't have anything to do with the fact that my car's radiator problems have worsened and it now emits a strong burning smell whenever one operates it, for even short distances.)

Two things that I'd missed while driving to work: reading and walking. I always walk from Powell to the office, it takes about twenty minutes along 4th street, and I'd forgotten what a nice way it is to start the day. The sun shines, I gather my thoughts and stretch my limbs after a night's inactivity. I arrive at my desk invigorated, with my brain churning, rather than slothfully half awake after a drive in my car. And the reading, oh the reading, how much reading I get done on the MUNI! Yesterday I enjoyed the latest Wired, today I dove into A Passage to India, which has been lingering unread by my bed for a month.

I'm all chipper and cheery today. I was chipper and cheery yesterday. And it's been a long time since I've been so chipper and cheery at work.