Woo hoo, new megnut feature:

Woo hoo, new megnut feature: I've added a SEARCH over on the left, it's pretty ugly right now, and, as you'll notice, lacking a proper label. But I wanted to launch this rather than fiddle with the layout and all that design-ey junk. I've had this ready for a while, and back-end testing's been holding up the launch. So what am I trying to say? I want you to try it out ASAP!

Here's the deal with it:
It's only searching my blog content, it's not a full-site search.

Why's that?
Because I'm not using Atomz, I'm using Blogger. Yes, Blogger.

How's it work?
I'm using our new XML interface to Blogger. I pass the query parameter wrapped in XML to Blogger, and Blogger returns an XML string containing all the matching posts. I'm parsing the XML on my server, and displaying the results to you. Nifty, no?

Does it work?
I hope so. I'd love to hear feedback from people. Was it slow? Was it accurate? Did you get an error? Would you like this functionality on your (Blogger) site?

Happy searching!