My new issue of Wired

My new issue of Wired arrived yesterday, and beside it on the table was a small box addressed to me, also from Wired. Inside: the amazing :CueCat! Among the many benefits of hooking up this bar code reader to your computer: commercials will be more relevant to your lifestyle; [it] eliminates the tasks of typing in long URL's and hunting for hidden or confusing links; a whole new world of savings and information is opened; you'll find things you never knew existed…without ever touching the keyboard or clicking the mouse again! Holy moley, I can't believe all of this is available to me, and you, for free! I mean, just think of how often you're reading or eating something *and* using your computer–you see a bar code, you want more information, you want access to a whole world of savings and information, but you just can't figure out how to get it. Yeah, that happens to me all the time. All the time.