I spent six summers at

props to nikolai for the imageI spent six summers at an all-girls camp in Vermont. Whenever it was somebody's birthday, we had this little routine we'd go through in the dinning room.

One table would clink their glasses and say, "Today is somebody's birthday!"
"Whose birthday?" the rest of the room would respond.
"Blogger's Birthday!" the table would scream.
"How old is it?" we'd yell back.
"1 year old!!" they'd say.
"Let's sing to it!"
And we would.

Blogger application, Blogger application,
Here's to you we sing!
We all hope that years to come,
may never sorrow bring.
Nothing mar your happiness,
may your skies be blue,
may each birthday,
be a mirth-day,
Blogger here's to you!