Oops, looks like I forgot

PineappleOops, looks like I forgot to post a sugar packet yesterday, which means that Hawaiian Sugar Packet Week will extend until Saturday. Yes, the fun continues here at megnut. So you know that I rarely write about news, and often I avoid commenting on things that other people are writing about on their sites, but I was thinking this morning, is that fair? Is that fair to you, my dear reader? I mean, perhaps you're wondering, "what does megnut think about the Russian sailors?" Today I present megnut's thoughts on current events (feel free to stop reading right now, I won't be offended):

Russian sailors trapped in sub: Oh God, I can't imagine a more horrible way to die, and I do hope they can be saved, but I fear it's too late.

Presidential election: Ick. There's a reason I rarely write about politics. Bush scares me to death. Gore bores me to death.

Experts' predictions that Concorde will never fly again: I hope this isn't true, I've always wanted to fly on the Concorde, it seems like the closest I'll ever get to flying in space (unless they pick me for that Mars mission, come on Mars mission!! <crosses fingers>).

Dave Eggers interview "everyone" is talking about: Food for thought. I'm still digesting.

Ok, enough of that silliness. See, aren't you better off when I don't share my thoughts on current events? I thought so.