Aloha from San Francisco, or

waimeaAloha from San Francisco, or I guess I should just revert to the old, "Hello!" I'm back. I'm not as rested as I thought I'd be and I'm not as tan as I thought I'd be, but I had an amazing time nonetheless. One of the (numerous) cool things about Kaua'i is that almost all of the sugar packets had funny Hawaiian-themed pictures on them. I collected several, but I thought you'd enjoy this guy shredding a monster wave the most. Other touristy places should have locale-themed pictures on sugar packets, Boston could have the Constitution and Old North Church, SF could do one with the Golden Gate bridge, etc. etc. Then as I traveled the world, I could collect sugar packets in every city.

Once we get all the pictures (there aren't a lot, I'm a lazy photographer) scanned in, I'll post them. In the meantime, let me tell you that the highlight of the trip (as Jason already mentioned, bastard! Stealing my thunder!) was swimming with Hawaiian sea turtles. This turtle was HUGE, as big as me, though it's hard to tell from the photo (hmmm…wait a sec, this might be one of the smaller turtles…well, it's still totally cool). At one point, there were five turtles hanging out at the reef with us. It was amazing. I want to go again and again! The low light of the trip was getting a flat tire, but it worked out ok, because our new car had a CD player. Woo hoo, so we spent the rest of the week cruising in style with tunes. There's more to tell about the vacation, but I'll save that narrative to garnish the pictures.

Thanks to mom for an excellent job with Momnut. For those of you who are interested in reading more, she's in the process of getting her own site up, and I'll share the link when it's ready to go.